PCI Solutions has ceased operations as of July 6, 2012


PCI Solutions Clients


If you are a PCI Solutions client with current and future print and fulfillment needs:

Please contact Rick Bartlett who has joined EPI Marketing Services (www.epiinc.com) at r_bartlett@epiinc.com or call EPIís Indianapolis, IN facility at 317-579-4870 and you will be connected immediately with someone to service your needs.


If you are a PCI Solutions client seeking to make a payment:

You have been using the remit to address of P.O. Box 11578, Indianapolis, IN 46201-0578 for payments to PCI.  If it is your preference you may continue to use this address in the near future. However, at your earliest convenience we ask that you please update your supplier record remittance address to:

EPI Marketing Services
P.O. Box 1025
Battle Creek, MI 49016

 Updated: 2014.06.18 @ 3:20pm